We are now back!

Hello, again, World!

As you can tell from the date of my last posting it has been over two months since anything new has come up. The new mini developer proved to be a little more than a handful so I had to cut back on some things to make time for the baby. It actually has been a little hard with the adjustment but I have gotten the hang of it now!

So Where Am I Going From Here?

That is a great question that I do not have the answer too just yet. Last time I make a new posting I was using a very old HP EliteBook. While it got the job done, there was visible set backs due to it’s hardware. Luckily for me I was able to net some new hardware that works fantastic; good bye painful bottlenecks! This opens up a lot opportunities to try things out that I couldn’t before. Am I going to go back to using the MEAN stack? Of course, but not immediately! Lately I have been wanting to dive deeper into C#. During the past few days I have been setting up my new laptop environment and tuning it to my work flow. When that is done I’m going to emulate Fedora to set it up for MEAN development (because using Windows for it is a major pain in the ass).

I am going to go back to the normal schedule of two posts a week after today. By Friday I hope to have some cool things to show off. Until then, take care!