Thoughts on VR

It is no surprise that VR exploded when it was shown to be viable media platform when Oculus was first shipping out their Dev Kits funded by their very successful Kickstarter. I was able to play with one during PAX EAST a few years ago. While it wasn’t the VR of science fiction, it was an amazing piece of tech that you would get immersed in to (and get a few people sick). After Valve announced they were going through with their own VR tech the competition was set between them and Oculus. A lot of people seemed to favor Valve’s flavor of VR for many reasons; it was more advanced, it already had motion controllers, and it wasn’t owned by Facebook. I would argue that the Facebook sale was needed to help them continue for its innovation.

With web apps becoming more and more sophisticated (even competing with native applications), it wouldn’t take long until web developers would take a stab at VR. Oculus released Gear VR with Samsung to bring VR to their mobile devices. Google also released their own take on VR for mobile devices with Google Cardboard. I have to say that Google was creative with their mobile solution. It is simple, effective, and most importantly cheap; this brings mobile VR technology to many people who were previously put off by the price. Google Cardboard apps have blown up on the Google Play store and a lot of them are of good quality.

Mozilla has been hard at work bringing VR to the web. If you head over to you will find nightly builds for Firefox maintained by Kip Gilbert. They offer all kinds of help to get started developing WebVR websites. They created A-Frame which is a WebVR content creation framework, which looks like a great framework to use.

The reason for this blog post was because I had decided to venture off into learning WebVR. I truly believe that this technology will be the next big thing, and quite honestly it seems like it would be amazing to tinker around with. I picked up a cheap little VR headset for my phone to start off with. Eventually I would love to build a new PC rig and get a Vive headset, but that will be in the future.