Should I drown myself in books?

One thing I noticed is that a lot of developers pride themselves with the amount of books that they have read. I was guilty of this too at one point. I had a bookshelf full of a C, C++, C# and game development books. I read most of them, I enjoyed a lot of them but I was left wondering if I actually learned anything. I spent a lot of money to say the least, and this was on top of my already expensive book budget due to college.

Before you go out and spend a fortune on books, there are a few options to consider. If you are studying CS already I suggest sticking to your own books. If the books suck (a lot of them do), see if the department has a lending library. If they don’t have one, check your public library. The one next to my house had plenty of up to date development and IT books. If those options don’t work you always have our good old friend, the internet.

Amazon is a great resource for finding books on the cheap. If you can avoid buying books during the beginning of college semesters you can save a few more bucks. The international editions were always cheap and were just a good. I noticed that prices sky rocket when these books are in demand so keep that in mind. When selecting some your books, don’t go overboard. Only buy a new book when you are done with the current one you’re working on. There is no worse feeling than having an out of date book. Don’t fall into the cycle of drowning yourself in expensive books, save your time and sanity.