The Raspberry Pi in the sky

You all might remember the simple WebVR project we did last week. It is a fun little project and opened our world to new possibilities. Unfortunately if you are anything like me, you can’t afford to just go out and buy a full blown VR head set (although the $399 Oculus Rift deal is extremely tempting). This, unfortunately, does not allow us to fully utilize the VR tech that is right in front of us. A bummer but oh well, Google Cardboard is a cheap solution after all. I was at Micro Center and thought of a crazy idea, what if I could rig some kind of positional tracking system with some cheap hardware. And that cheap hardware will of course be the Raspberry Pi.

My Little Friend The Raspberry Pi

I left the store with 3 Raspberry Pis, the 3rd revision, a zero 1.3 and the newer zero with wifi. As you know these little suckers are strong for their size. They do have a lot of competitors now but they don’t have anything close to the amount of community support that the Raspberry Pi has. I found a project that someone was working on that was exactly what I was looking for which was made by Jules Thuillier; it is over at . I still have to go out and grab the extra equipment I’ll need but with this we can make our experiences a lot more immersible.

Whats Next?

I will continue to dive deeper in A-Frame and create some cool projects that we can all work on. When I’m not doing that I will be doing my best to work on the hardware we will need to rig up. I suspect that we will not be able to replace a fully featured VR headset. And that is okay; this is just something we will tinker with to broaden some of our skills. If you want to skip the hardware, or have a fully featured VR headset then feel free to skip this.