Landing My First Happy Client

Wait You Are Charging Your Client HOW much???

A few weeks ago I published a few Craigslist ads offering some cheap ($99) website development in an attempt to land a client. You might be wondering why I would put myself out there to do web development at such a cheap price. Depending on how long the project could take I could easily be working at a rate that is far below the federal minimum wage. There are two reasons why I decided to go about this approach.

1.) I need some real world experience. I saw an underlying issue that caused my rejection from many of the development roles that I applied to. The experience I get from my day job does not transfer smoothly into developer roles. My experience with lateral moves has been a pretty painful so far. So if I could not find a job for myself, then I needed make my own job.

2.) Who doesn’t need a little extra cash flow with Christmas just around the corner?

So How Did It Go?

Well after sifting through the usual spam/scam crap I landed my first client. He already had a existing website created with Joomla and it honestly did not look good. Not trying to knock the guy who did if for him but there were some issues. The quoting engine did not show up in Chrome or I.E. and in Firefox it only showed half of it. Not good when that quoting engine helps you get some leads for potential customers. After listening to his requirements I decided that WordPress would be the best fit for him since he wanted to have control over uploading and editing content on his own. After settling on a theme that would suite his needs, I spun up a droplet over at and went to work on editing it. When I got it to a state that he liked I met him at his home office and did a training session on how he could edit his own content, add pictures and keep track of his analytics. One hell of a deal for just $99!

It felt great to complete my first project and make my client happy. It felt even better to get paid. However the best feeling is knowing that I was able to get paid by working for myself. I learned a lot from this experience. Even though I was just working with WordPress I pushed myself in a few areas I would not have thought about doing before (e.g. migrating the site from Digital Ocean to A2). I currently have two more clients to do some work for along with reading up on Azure for a Microsoft event I am attending on Tuesday. Happy Sunday everyone!