Go out to your next local meetup

I went to my first tech meet up today, and it was a great experience that I think we all need to get more involved in. I know it is a little tough since a lot of us tend to be more on the anti-social side of the social spectrum. That being said, it was great to be in an environment where everyone was either collaborating or talking about their new projects.

I didn’t talk much, I just coded away working through some assignments and the atmosphere helped me work faster. Felt like I was in school again and it reminded me about how much I missed being around peers and the benefits of being in a group. I plan to be a much more frequent visitor.

On another note, I finally had some free time to play around with WebVR using a-frame over the weekend. It is a fantastic framework and it definitely helped me quickly spin up a project. I talked about it before but I truly think this technology is going to take off. You don’t need an expensive VR headset to have an enjoyable experience, any phone with decent resolution and a cheap headset (google card board FTW) works just fine. As I progress with it I’ll host some of my better projects and possibly create some tutorials.