Getting Disconnected

You might have noticed that there was no new posts in the past week. I took some time off from creating blog posts and programming to focus on some things outside the realm of development. It felt great to get some things done that I have been pushing off for weeks. I got back into the swing of things today with renewed vigor.

It got me thinking about how fast paced our careers and lives get. Especially when you are working and doing development on the side, I easily spend 80 hours a week doing just that. Factor in family and sleeping and there is not much more time left in the week. Take some time to get disconnected and enjoy your life.

However, don’t fall into the trap and getting disconnected for too long. A week or two off is great to unwind yourself, and to avoid burnout. Personally, any longer than two weeks and I start to forget some critical things and find myself looking for reference guides more often. Be sure to find out what is your personal limit to maximize benefit and minimize negative consequences.