Creating a zen work space

If you are anything like me then it is hard to focus with chaos being around you. Nothing stops productivity like distractions, and in our modern lives; there are a lot of distractions. While I was working on some algorithm problems I realized that little things would distract me and I would lose my train of thought. As you can imagine it is extremely frustrating to lose progress you made because you were interrupted. I had to figure out something in order to maximize the few free hours I had a day doing development.

The first thing I did was completely clean off my desk. After the scrub down; I did some re-arranging and some quick cable management to take away that mess. I moved my desk to a place that did not receive a lot of foot traffic in my house. It would be ideal if I had a spare bedroom to use as my office but unfortunately that is not do-able at this moment in time. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones also helped me block out noise that would distract me. I also found some lo-fi music channels on youtube which helped me focus on my work. If you need total peace and quiet I would recommend checking out if your local library has some study rooms. The one near my house has several that you can reserve for a few hours at a time. If you find yourself not working to your fullest extent, give these steps a try and tweak it to what works for you.