Be Consistent With Everything You Do!

I genuinely believe that luck does not exist. Aside from hitting the lottery; you can break down “luck” into two things: preparation and opportunity. Opportunities can be difficult to come by. There are too many variables that are out of your control. We all have moments where we wish we were better prepared. It could be the first impression that was not great, or a test that you didn’t study for. While opportunities are left to chance, we can always work on the other part of the “luck” equation.

With preparation any situation you get yourself into will be a lot easier to handle. Maybe you spent all week studying and aced that test. Maybe you knew you were going to meet your new boss and kept a trim and clean appearance. Having a prepared mindset is easily one of the strongest skills to have. The easiest way to be prepared in this field is to be consistent.

When I was going to college, one the biggest mistakes I made was inconsistency. Sure I was studying a lot, I applied myself and got good grades. However my programming skills were at a standstill. I would spend a huge block of my time coding and for weeks after I really wouldn’t do much. With this inconsistency came forgetfulness. Whenever I would go and get back into the grove of things I would spend the first couple hours googling basic syntax. It was a confidence killer to say the least. After graduating it was clear that the most successful people were the most consistent.

They would work their 9-5 job and spend their free time looking up new technologies, reading programming blogs or perhaps working on their pet projects. An argument could be made that there should be a separation from work and personal life. While that is true, for many of us programming is a passion. This debate could easily take up several blog posts so it will be left alone for now.

To truly be great in any area, precious time and energy needs to be applied. I figured this out a little later than I have like to but it is better late than never. My personal rule of thumb lately is to spend at least one hour on coding (or doing whatever it is your passion is). This builds consistency and is short enough to accomplish every day. Work hard and stay hungry.