Amazon AWS and JS

Whew, it has been a bit since my last blog post. During the past few weeks I have been working on improving my JavaScript skills and learning the ins and outs of the language. I am by no means an expert but my understanding of it nuances has increased greatly. It really is a powerful language when you fully understand what you are doing. So now onto some big news.

Amazon in the ATL

Amazon is coming to Atlanta?!

Ever since Amazon announced it’s plans for HQ2; there has been an overwhelming amount of cities trying to attract their attention. Rumor (educated guesses really) has it that Atlanta is on Bezo’s short list. Obviously I think it would be fantastic to get HQ2 here in the ATL. I believe we have the talent, infrastructure and culture that Amazon is looking for.

With all that in mind I have been looking into AWS. Even if we do not get HQ2, AWS skills are extremely valuable. It plays well JavaScript and C#/.Net so I do not have to learn anything new just to utilize it fully.

Only Focusing on AWS?

No, I will still keep working on sharpening my JavaScript skills. However I will incorporate AWS into my workflow. I have been using Heroku to deploy my Node.js apps, so a good exercise to start with would be porting over my apps to utilize AWS on the backend. I am working towards getting my AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification and possibly getting more. I know AWS is a popular DevOps platform, so who knows, with my I.T. experience I could end up going down that route.