Month: May 2017

College VS Bootcamps VS Self-Learning

The debate of how to get into the development field has been getting fierce in the past few years. There are three choices that soon to be developers can make in order to get into the field. Colleges, coding boot camps or self-study are the paths that you can take. There are significant pros and […]

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Be Consistent With Everything You Do!

I genuinely believe that luck does not exist. Aside from hitting the lottery; you can break down “luck” into two things: preparation and opportunity. Opportunities can be difficult to come by. There are too many variables that are out of your control. We all have moments where we wish we were better prepared. It could […]

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Hello world!

I created this blog to detail my journey of going from an I.T. job to a landing Web Developer role (pretty creative domain name, right?). Here is a little bit about my background to flesh myself out. I moved to the Metro Atlanta area after living in Massachusetts for all of my life. While I […]

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