The 10-2-1 Rule And How It Has Helped Me

Getting a new job in the tech field can be a full-time job in itself. Even though the field is in demand, there is a lot competition that can drown out your opportunity. After a little while of no results I came up with a little plan to try to maximize my chances of landing a new role; I call it the 10-2-1 rule.

Apply to 10 jobs a week

Like the header says; apply to at least 10 jobs a week. More would be better but the minimum is 10. It might sound a little excessive to some but by spreading it out over 7 days, it is quite easy. Not every job is going to be a dream fit. In fact many jobs you will find can be a little crazy with their job “requirements”. Looking over at comments other developers have made and my personal experience in my field; those requirements are more like wish lists.

Spend 2 hours self studying

By doing this, you keep your skills fresh. This is even more valuable if you haven’t landed your first job yet. Work on some projects to show case your talent. That way when the discussion of skills comes up you can refer your interviewer to the project that show how you actually applied said skills to a real world project. On a side note be sure to have some kind of online presence as well. I am noticing more and more jobs requiring applicants to have a portfolio/github/stack overflow account for them to view.

Learn 1 new topic a week

And learn it well. Unlike the previous two rules, I would suggest not learning more than 1 new topic a week. Of course if you are starting out this might not be applicable. Be sure to use your own judgement when it comes to this. Some people can master things quite quickly, others need more time. You can use the 2 hours a day you set aside to master the topic you choose to pickup. If the topic is really large in scope (AI for example); go ahead and learn it over whatever learning period you set for yourself.

Wrapping it up

10-2-1 is rule that I made for myself, but I’m sure it can help anyone out. Feel free to tweak it to your hearts content. You might have more time to dedicate to self-studying and job hunting: which is great! If you found a variant that works great for you feel free to comment it.